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Posted by admin
on October 23, 2013


A special something to say thank you

Posted by admin
on April 30, 2014

Is it really over? I can’t believe it actually is! We had so much fun on the road. I think it’s safe to say The Magician’s Daughter album launch tour was our best yet. We sold out almost every show and we were blessed to be greeted by warm and amazing people like you. Thank you. It means so much to share our music and Brautkleider Billig und Festliche kleider online laughter with you all. Each and every show, it is you that makes it worth it.
But before I get the better of myself with all the sentimental thank yous, how about we give you something you’ve all been waiting for?
We’re so proud of this clip, filmed with the gorgeously crushable Spender and now we can finally share it.
Ladies and gents, we give you: One Night Upon A Cold Roof Top by Spender via Mama Kin and Monique di Mattina. The video experience!

It’s no secret how much we love Spender. And this song was not only a joy to sing each night of the tour out there in the middle of the audience,Robe mère de mariée

it was a delight to record. Enjoy it lovely people.

Now we may be taking a short break, to catch our breath and re-group post-tour. But there is no rest for the wicked, people!
I’m setting off to the US for some songwriting adventures and will perhaps sing a song or two on stage with my man as he tours North America. Looking forward to some northern hemisphere sunshine.
We then have some exciting festival announcements and a special show or two in summer. Let us know where you want us to play as we’re just finalising our tour route now.
We’re also brewing a new single and video clip and will reveal all as soon as we can.
I’ll see you all again soon. In the meantime I am loving the outlook of some extended time at home with my precious ones.  I hope you are loving up the ones you love.

Thanks again, so much, for your incredible support of The Magician’s Daughter. Here is to you and an abundance of magic in your life.

Big love,
MK x